There are many reasons why one should buy a book. For one, it’s a great way to learn new things and to get insights from other people. Aside from the benefit of books in general, the format in which we aim to deliver this book is what makes it stand out. When purchasing our book, you’ll get monthly updates of the book until the next major version is released. As such, fresh and updated content is delivered to you on an ongoing basis.

It allows us to evolve along with the technologies we love and write about; and you’re able to keep up with the ever changing landscape. A win-win.

Deep insights

The writer team is committed to delivering quality content. Each of the authors has loads of experience within the area of products they are covering. Most of them have been MVPs for several years, and – thus – hopefully have some authority on the subjects. Besides, they’re just nice people too!

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We want to help you, and we’ll listen to feedback. Authors make mistakes, and mistakes don’t always get caught in a review cycle. Is there something you like or dislike about the book? Let us know. That way, we can update what is wrong, add what is missing and generally just make the book better for everyone.