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Current version

We have released several updates since the book released on July 13th, 2020.

The current version of the book is the 2021 Edition, 2021-07 release; published in July, 2021.

Chapter update details for Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros, 2021 Edition

2020-09IntroAdded Foreword by Nicholas DiCola, Group PM Cyber Security at Microsoft.
2020-091Updated information on the Cyber Kill Chain ®, Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) and the Assume Breach-mindset
2020-092Added the following elements/new content to the book: Security Defaults, Terms of Use, How to enable Password Reset with Conditional Access + real-world scenario, using Administrative Units. Fixed some typo’s too.
2020-093Added information on Microsoft Defender ATP for Android, Android Enterprise for corporate-owned devices with a work profile, how conflicts are handled between different (types) of policies (like GPO vs. Intune policies), how to deal with unlicensed administrators, and some information about reporting from Intune.
2020-094The chapter now includes information on EDR in Block Mode, Event tagging in the Device Timeline, new ASR rule(s), Web Content Filtering and Device Value(s). Moved Advanced Hunting information to Chapter 6.
2020-095Fixed an issue with content being duplicated in two placed (copy error). Elaborated on Session Control policies and how the MCAS proxy functionality works.
2020-096Updated chapter with more insights about the use case and value proposition of Microsoft Threat Protection. Added Advanced Hunting information, specific for Microsoft Threat Protection, included cross-workstream hunting. Updated the example to highlight more efficient way of hunting. Updated information about how Microsoft Threat Protection works, and how Incidents should be interpreted as well as handled. Removed stale information with regards to enablement of MTP.
2020-097Updated contents to include the latest version of Office 365 for IT Pros.
2020-112Added info on blocking of legacy authentication protocols and Continuous Access Evaluation.
2020-113Elaborated on device ownership (personal vs. corporate-owned), and what happens upon removal of configuration profiles.
2020-114Brand new chapter on securing email, covering Exchange Online, Exchange Online Protection and more.
2020-115Brand new chapter on Microsoft Defender for Office 365.
2020-116Added information around device groups, RBAC, API permissions and more.
2020-117Added real-world scenario leveraging session policies for Office 365 workload(s).
2020-118Included additional example on advanced hunting scenario.
2020-122Minor updates throughout the chapter. Added information on switching to Azure AD as IdP for WebApps, revised and updated Risk detection types and added reporting.
2020-123Updated content of AD connectivity based on feedback, added information on the concept of a Primary User
2020-124Added Backscatter protection information and updated Anti-spoofing section. Added information on Implicit Authentication.
2020-125Added information on (the preview of) Priority Account Protection
2020-126Included information on Linux EDR, added information for supported platforms for TVM and updated MDE for Android & iOS sections. Included information on tamper protection for Tenant-Attached clients.
2020-127Added information on contextual UI when creating policies.
2021-011Included information regarding the recent Solorigate attack and how it pertains to security in general.
2021-012Added example of integrating LastPass (Enterprise) with Azure AD, and made several other (minor) updates across the chapter. Included a new section on creating an app registration as well.
2021-013Updated information regarding GA of MDE for iOS and Android.
2021-014Included sections on RBAC, Privileged Access Management (for Exchange Online) and TLS for mail encryption (transport security).
2021-015Expanded Threat Explorer Coverage
2021-016Included information on the use of external applications and scripts with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint’s APIs
2021-017Included section on the use of Information Protection with MCAS
2021-018Added (short) section on the benefits of Microsoft 365 Defender with the recent Solorigate attack(s).
2021-019General chapter refresh from Office 365 for IT Pros ebook.
2021-022Added info on Microsoft Enterprise SSO plug-in for Apple Devices along with some minor updates across the chapter.
2021-023Added section on how to deal with unmanaged devices (general approach).
2021-024Updated section on DKIM, added ‘Secure by Default’, Autoforward changes and information on Encryption at rest.
2021-025expanded information on Attack Simulator, Threat Explorer and added information Microsoft Defender for Office 365 evaluation mode.
2021-026included information on the importance of network connectivity (and monitoring thereof) to ensure proper functioning of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.
2021-027Added real-world scenario on the use of session policies to control activities from unmanaged devices, added section on reviewing alerts through MCAS, updated some screenshots + information about them.
2021-028Made some minor updates across the chapter.
2021-032More information on OAuth and consent control, updated section on implementing SSPR at Windows logon screen.
2021-033Introduction to Microsoft Tunnel and Azure AD App Proxy
2021-035Interface updates, additional information on Attack Simulations, updates for the Defender for Office 365 evaluation mode.
2021-036Updates with regards to the move of the security portal; moved some content over to Chapter 8. Update around EDR for Linux going GA, and updated section on default remediation level(s).
2021-037General interface updates, added some more information on a few policies.
2021-038Included Threat Analytics (moved from Chapter 6), updated entire chapter to reflect the interface updates, added section on hunting with Jupyter Notebooks.
2021-042Added information on Temporary Access pass and SMS-based logon
2021-04 3Included additional Microsoft Tunnel info and App Protection Policies for Conditional Launch
2021-04 4Included Tenant Block/Allw List
2021-04 5Expanded information on email entities page during investigations
2021-04 6Added information on new TVM tables for Advanced Hunting, rewrote tamper protection part to reflect latest changes.
2021-052/3General Updates throughout the chapter(s)
2021-055Updated the new email entity page, ORCA and Attack Simulator
2021-056New TVM information in hunting tables, rewrote section on tamper protection.
Updated named locations with GPS information and GUI updates. Added information on device filters (see Chapter 3 as well).
2021-063Windows 10 Quality updates and information on the new filters feature.
2021-066Updates to ASR and TVM sections.
2021-067Added information on Step-up Authentication through a session policy.
2021-07allMinor updates throughout different chapters (images, etc.)
2021-072Updates regarding Defender for Identity
2021-073Updated log analyutics info and information around Endpoint Protection (tags, etc.)

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