It’s been a little over a year when we released the 2022 edition of Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros. Over the past couple of days, I have received several emails from people asking about the new edition and when it would be released.

Following the original schedule, the 2023 edition would have been due some time in July or August of this year. However, earlier this year we had a 2-month hiatus during which we were unable to publish updates for the book. As our promise and commitment was to deliver monthly updates, the author team decided that we would provide at least 2 additional updates for the book before releasing another version. This would have placed the launch of the book around October of this year…

But then, Microsoft decided to host Microsoft Ignite that same month. Typically, the event entails lots of news, all of which we (want to) cover in the book as well. Given we did not want to release a new version and then have to potentially rewrite several chapters – in case Microsoft decides to rename another product – we decided against it and locked in December as the release month for the new edition. This gives us time to digest Ignite’s news and puts us in time for the holiday season. After all, the book is also makes for a great gift!

What to expect from the new edition? We’ve listened to feedback from our subscribers and will be deliver brand new content related to some of Microsoft’s newest products and features, including things like Entra Permission Management and Entra Verified ID. We’ll be expanding the real-world scenarios, and slowly add more features with regards to data security, such as how DLP policies can help, what endpoint DLP is, etc. As both security and compliance lie close to one another, this seemed like a logical step to take.

Finally, we will also be retiring some content (and moving it into a companion volume) to make room for a fresh approach towards how to secure endpoints, etc. This is normal as some of the content has been in the book since the beginning. Even though it’s still very relevant, we don’t want to bloat the book, keep it manageable and digestible and, thus, keep it at under 1,000 pages; if at all possible…!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing more information about the book, including chapter titles and perhaps a sneak peek into what to expect. As always, we appreciate your support and loyalty and look forward to deliver another successful and valuable edition of the book!

Michael and the author team.