Can I tell you something? You may or may not agree with me, but I just need to put this out there and let things fall where they may: User and device security is the top concern for organizations everywhere!

That may seem like a bold and definitive statement, but if you constantly watch the news and keep an open eye on the industry, you see very quickly just how behind the times most organizations are with securing their critical business assets…

Two years ago, this planet was faced with learning very quickly to work very differently. IT Pros were required to adjust and adapt operations to remote work and develop new methods, approaches, and policies to be prepared for a world that might never go back to the office. Fortunately, things have improved since then, but that time exposed many of the holes that existed in those businesses’ operations. It also exposed how security had taken a backseat through legacy mechanisms and tools that had created some severely bad habits. IT Pros had become accustomed to doing things a certain way, because the tools had dictated it through lack of capabilities.

Microsoft saw this. Microsoft has invested heavily in security in the past several years but accelerated that investment during those tough times. Today, Microsoft is considered the most trusted security platform available. Not creating the “Microsoft way” of securing systems, but ensuring that the Microsoft security platform can meet customers where they are and help secure everything they care about whether on-premises, in Azure, or in any cloud.

Here’s my second bold statement: There’s nothing more necessary than securing business assets.

Obviously, if you have differing views we can argue to infinity over social media or other community avenues (happy to do it). But if you agree with me (and you should), this book is absolutely for you.

The Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros book is a critical, must-have resource. It thoroughly covers the Microsoft security platform. There’s no reason not to invest your time and effort into consuming each and every page with an appetite and hunger for learning how to secure the business you are responsible for securing. You’ll be glad you did.

Rod Trent        
Cloud Security Advocate, Microsoft