Hello folks,

We wanted to let you know that we’ve released the June 2022 update of the book, and the updates files are now available for download through Gumroad. Unfortunately, we did not get in the book all the updates that we have hoped for. For example, the updates to chapter about Cloud App Security and its inclusion in the Microsoft 365 Security Center have not yet made it into this release. However, we’ll be making an interim update over the next week or two and add it before the July release of the book.

We did make lots of other updates, including several updates to Chapter 3 (Defender for Identity) regarding new functionality and the inclusion of features in the Microsoft 365 Security Center and several updates to Chapter 6 (Defender for Office 365) regarding new built-in policies.

We haven’t forgotten about Entra either. Given the changes it means to the structure of the book, Peter is putting together a few words around Entra. The next edition of the book will have a completely new approach to security identities, with a completely new chapter! 

The July an August updates will also include new stuff regarding recent new features like DANE, DNSSEC, etc.

As always, lots of stuff to write about and to look out for!

Thanks for your continued support; we really appreciate it!