We are aware that some people reported issues downloading the April 2022 update of the book. The issues that some experienced with downloading the files should now be solved. Please let us know if you can’t access the new files.

Hello folks,

this is just a quick message to let you know that we’ve just released the May 2022 update for the book. As per usual, you can download the files from your Gumroad profile.

Amongst other things, the following items were added, updated, or otherwise modified:

  • Full rename to Microsoft Purview
  • Updated several sections to reflect the use of device filters in Conditional Access rules
  • Extended the Microsoft Defender for Identity chapter with more information on domain services accounts and the use of an action account
  • Additional information on Microsoft Defender for Endpoint; more specifically the introduction of Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management
  • New real-world scenarios on Cloud App Security, reporting false positives, and more.

Thanks for your continued support; we really appreciate it!