Hello all,

First of all, apologies for not having posted about the September 2021 update on the website. Amidst releasing the update, posting it on Gumroad and publicizing it on social media, one would almost forget to update the website too…

This being said, we’re happy to announce that the October 2021 release of the book is now available for download. All book files have been updated accordingly. This time around, the updates have been rather small in anticipation of a whole slew of news that traditionally is announced at Microsoft Ignite; happening early November, this year.

As such, expect us to cover a lot of the new stuff that come out of Ignite in both the November and December releases of the book.

Until then, please enjoy the updates we’ve published in this and the previous released:

  • Chapter 2: added information about privileged groups
  • Chapter 3: Added information on support for Windows 11, App protection enhancements, and improvements on macOS update deferral
  • Chapter 5; Expanded on authentication policies in light of the basic auth depreciation in 2022, several small updates regarding new and past previews.
  • Chapter 6: Included information on Phish Sim and SecOps Mailbox override.
  • Chapter 7: expanded on the new onboarding experience for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016.
  • Chapter 11: Addition of Watchlist templates, Advanced Incident Search, Microsoft TI rules, Azure Defender bi-directional alert sync.
  • Chapter 12: new scenario with the Microsoft Cloud App Security ‘monitored app’-feature.

How to get the update(s)?

Head over to your Gumroad account and download the newer version of the file(s). If you did not create a Gumroad account, your original receipt from Gumroad will include a link to the downloadable content (“View Content”-button). You can bookmark that link to easily get access to your files in the future.

The updated files are named:

  • Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros (2022) – 2021-10 release.pdf
  • Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros (2022) – 2021-10 release (EPUB).epub

Thank you again for your continued support!

Kind regards,