Hello all! This is a quick not to let you know that we’ve just pushed the updated book files for June 2021 to Gumroad. As per usual, you can download the files through your account, or using the link in the purchase confirmation email.

Under normal circumstances, the June 2021 update would be the last update for this book cycle/your subscription. But because we missed the September 2020 update, we promised to make it up with one month of updates extra – at no charge. This is why we will be pushing one more update for the 2021 release next month, ahead of us publishing the 2022 release of the book at the beginning of August.

How to get the update(s)?

Head over to your Gumroad account and download the newer version of the file(s). If you did not create a Gumroad account, your original receipt from Gumroad will include a link to the downloadable content (“View Content”-button). You can bookmark that link to easily get access to your files in the future.

The updated files are named:

  • Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros (2021) – 2021-06 release.pdf
  • Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros (2021) – 2021-06 release (EPUB).epub

Thank you again for your continued support!

Kind regards,