Hi everyone!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released the March 2021 update for Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros! It took us a little longer to finish this version, mainly because of the many updates we had to make to reflect the introduction of the new ‘Unified Security Portal’, or Microsoft 365 Security Center.

Along with the move to the new portal, we’ve also included a bunch of new stuff, including:

  • Chapter 2: More information on OAuth and consent control, updated section on implementing SSPR at Windows logon screen.
  • Chapter 3: Introduction to Microsoft Tunnel and Azure AD App Proxy
  • Chapter 5: Interface updates, additional information on Attack Simulations, updates for the Defender for Office 365 evaluation mode.
  • Chapter 6: Updates with regards to the move of the security portal; moved some content over to Chapter 8. Update around EDR for Linux going GA, and updated section on default remediation level(s).
  • Chapter 7: General interface updates, added some more information on a few policies.
  • Chapter 8: Included Threat Analytics (moved from Chapter 6), updated entire chapter to reflect the interface updates, added section on hunting with Jupyter Notebooks.

More information on updates is provided in the change log.


If you’ve previously purchased the book, head over to your Gumroad account and download the newer version of the file(s). If you did not create a Gumroad account, your original receipt from Gumroad will include a link to the downloadable content (“View Content”-button). You can bookmark that link to easily get access to your files in the future.

The files are named:

  • Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros (2021) – 2021-03 release.pdf
  • Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros (2021) – 2021-03 release (EPUB).epub


Don’t forget to share your feedback with the team. We’re only humans and typos or other mistakes can happen. Your feedback ensures we can continue to improve the book, add new content as you would like to see it and more.