Hello everyone!

It’s that time of the month again: we’ve just released our February update of the book, with lots of updated content, including the following:

  • Chapter 2: Added info on Microsoft Enterprise SSO plug-in for Apple Devices along with some minor updates across the chapter.
  • Chapter 3: Added section on how to deal with unmanaged devices (general approach).
  • Chapter 4: Updated section on DKIM, added ‘Secure by Default’, Autoforward changes and information on Encryption at rest.
  • Chapter 5: expanded information on Attack Simulator, Threat Explorer and added information Microsoft Defender for Office 365 evaluation mode.
  • Chapter 6: included information on the importance of network connectivity (and monitoring thereof) to ensure proper functioning of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.
  • Chapter 7: Added real-world scenario on the use of session policies to control activities from unmanaged devices, added section on reviewing alerts through MCAS, updated some screenshots + information about them
  • Chapter 8: Made some minor updates across the chapter.

The next update is schedule around the beginning of March 2021.

More information on updates is provided in the change log.


If you’ve previously purchased the book, head over to your Gumroad account and download the newer version of the file(s). If you did not create a Gumroad account, your original receipt from Gumroad will include a link to the downloadable content (“View Content”-button). You can bookmark that link to easily get access to your files in the future.

The files are named:

  • Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros (2021) – 2021-02 release.pdf
  • Microsoft 365 Security for IT Pros (2021) – 2021-02 release (EPUB).epub


Don’t forget to share your feedback with the team. We’re only humans and typos or other mistakes can happen. Your feedback ensures we can continue to improve the book, add new content as you would like to see it and more.