Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that a couple of moments ago, we’ve updated the book files on Gumroad and have officially released the November 2020 updated of the book!

We’ve included two brand new chapters, written by Damian Scoles, who recently joined the author team. Damian has been an MVP for several years, and has extensive knowledge around e-mail and Office 365 in general. The two new chapters he delivered are:

  • Chapter 4: Securing email, in which he covers everything from basic message hygiene and email authentication to Exchange Online and Exchange Online Protection
  • in Chapter 5: Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Damian continues on his journey and explains what Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is, and how you can use it to further protect email and documents in Exchange, SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive for Business.

Other chapters have received quite a few updates as well, all of which you can read in the official change log.

How to get the update(s)?

If you’ve previously purchased the book, head over to your Gumroad platform and download the newer version of the file(s).

As before, we’ve published the book both in PDF as EPUB format.


Don’t forget to share your feedback with the team. We’re only humans and typos or other mistakes can happen. Your feedback ensures we can continue to improve the book, add new content as you would like to see it and more.